Blockchain meets the road

Earn Ethereum tokens (BLVD) while contributing to the
world wide community-based traffic and navigation ecosystem.
Interactive experiences via 3D Maps and Augmented Reality.

On device and cloud based Machine Learning via Tensorflow will
enable world scanning to create an automatic reporting system,
while also creating predictive models for traffic and future data derivatives.

BULVRD currently leverages technology from Ethereum and IPFS to create decentralized geospatial community experiences and reward systems. Future expansions into Proof of Location will enable a new level of hyper accurate data sets.
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Pre-Token Sale


Pre-Token Sale is now live, be sure to check back for full token sale details.

Token Details

Real Time Data

See real time reports via 3D maps, AR, or feeds for police, hazards, traffic, events, and more. Live turn by turn navigation on your routes. Over 1 million data points at launch.

Earn Crypto Tokens

Earn BULVRD Ethereum ERC-20 tokens by driving, making reports, and sharing with the community!


Expand your businesses presence with hyper localized advertising and opportunities to connect with the global BULVRD community.


BULVRD will be available for Android 5.0+ and iOS 9.0+ devices

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Token Distribution

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Founder / Developer

Michael H

QA / Support




Marketing / OPS

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I earn BULVRD Tokens?

Users can earn BULVRD tokens by driving, making road reports (police, hazards, closures, etc), and with overall general community contributions.

Do I need a wallet?

You can enter your existing Ethereum / ERC-20 supported wallet address, or the full production apps will create a new one for you on install.

How often do payouts happen?

Pay outs will be available once you have reached a minimum points level. The full production apps will allow for you to request your points be converted to BLVD tokens. These request will be batched together nightly and executed.

As Ethereum / Blockchain tech progress, we would like to make this a near instant transaction.