BULVRD : Blockchain meets the road

Earn Ethereum tokens (BLVD) while contributing to the
global community-based traffic and navigation ecosystem.
Interactive experiences via 3D Maps and Augmented Reality.

On device and cloud based Machine Learning enables
real time world scanning to create an automatic reporting system,
predictive model data derivatives, and street level mapping.

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Real Time

See real time reports via 3D maps + Augmented Reality, or feeds for police, hazards, traffic, events, and more. Live turn by turn navigation on your routes. Available directly in your vehicle via Apple CarPlay.

Earn Tokens

Earn BULVRD Ethereum ERC-20 tokens by driving, making reports, and sharing with the community. Use your tokens via user to user thanks, or airdrop tokens on a route to encourage other users to make reports. The BULVRD token is the backbone to the ecosystem, with future uses for in-app subscriptions, digital assets, and advertising.


Expand your businesses presence with hyper localized advertising and opportunities to connect with the global BULVRD community. Real time geospatial engagements on 3D maps and via Augmented Reality open all the avenues to promote your brand and offerings.


Our hyper accurate GPS algorithms enable a 1-3m accuracy, meaning lane level location readings. This helps provide a seamless experience for the user, helping with map visuals and navigation directions.

With our Augmented Reality + Machine Learning Technology, we will be able to build towards sub 1m accuracy. Further data insights will allow for per lane traffic congestion, improved report locations, and accurate data sets for autonomous vehicles.


BULVRD is available for Android 5.0+ and iOS 9.0+ devices

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David Hodge

Founder / CEO

Michael H

QA / Support

Joe C

Software Engineer


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ConsenSys Ventures




Advisor: Ben Burns

Head of Blockchain, Truffle

Advisor: TJ Davidson


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I earn BULVRD Tokens?

Users can earn BULVRD tokens by driving, making road reports (police, hazards, closures, etc), and with overall general community contributions.

How can I use BULVRD Tokens?

BULVRD tokens will be used to 'thank' other users, 'airdrop' tokens to encourage other users to drive routes, in-app subscription to unlock more features, purchase BULVRD ERC-721 assets, geospatial advertising platform, and more as the ecosystem is built out.

Do I need a wallet?

You can enter your existing Ethereum / ERC-20 supported wallet address, or the apps will create a new one for you when you first open the app..

How often do payouts happen?

BULVRD utilizes state channels and a central oracle to track user rewards. Once a set threshold has been set, a user can claim their tokens. As of this writing, BULVRD will cover transaction cost to grant tokens to users.