Earn cryptocurrency tokens as you drive

Join the drivers in over 20 countries already
earning tokens and digital collectibles
with the global community mapping
and road reporting ecosystem

Real time traffic, hazards, police reports
Traffic Aware Turn by Turn Navigation

Backed by the power of the Ethereum Blockchain



Simply install the BULVRD Drive app and start driving! Featuring real time road reports like traffic, police, and hazards. Explore the world via futuristic 3d maps, Augmented Reality, and Apple CarPlay. Traffic aware turn by turn navigation will get you to your destination on time!


By simply using BULVRD while driving you will begin to earn tokens. Make road reports and you will earn more once they are validated. Use our Augmented Reality experience for even higher earnings.


The BULVRD token is ERC-20 compliant, meaning out of the box support for nearly every cryptocurrency exchange. Use your tokens by dropping on your routes to work to help encourage reporting, helping you find the quickest way. Stake your tokens to place NFTs (like Cryptokitties) on the map. Or run a location based ad on the BULVRD map.


Join the global mapping community earning cryptocurrency for making road reports and simply driving. Install the BULVRD Drive app and start earning on the drives you're already making! Available for free on Android and iOS Devices.


Once you've earned enough tokens, you can run a BULVRD Node using the old smartphone you have laying around! This helps support the ecosystem and gives you a passive way to earn tokens. Coming soon to Android and iOS Devices.

The Ecosystem


BULVRD leverages the Ethereum blockchain with Smart Contracts to openly manage rewards, and create new data sets via IPFS. Meaning global availability without location or platform limitations.

3D Maps

Tapping into 3D mapping, we are able to provide a new detailed navigation experience. With a map focused on driving.

Augmented Reality

All new geospatial Augmented Reality experiences give community members an all new way to interact with the world around them, including automation via Machine Learning and AI.

Hyper Accurate

Our GPS/location algorithms enable 1-3m accuracy, meaning lane level detection. This helps us let you know when you're in the wrong lane for your next navigation turn, and make community reports more accurate.

Digital Collectibles

We are giving non-fungible tokens (digital collectibles) an all new use. You can stake your digital collectible on the map to show the world, or use it as a new marketing avenue when selling it. You will also be able to earn custom BULVRD digital collectibles for contributions in the ecosystem.


The BULVRD reward feed is posted to IPFS building transparency into the ecosystem. The token economics are baked into the Smart Contract, as well as the state for each address earnings. Making it possible to audit at any time.


BULVRD Vision is an all new mapping experience. Melding GPS, Camera Vision, and Machine Learning, we are creating an all new street level experience. Helping you identify exactly where a hazard report is, or where your next navigation turn is.

Token Drops

BULVRD enables dropping tokens along a route to open a new means of incentivising driving and providing reports. A business can drop tokens infront of their stores, or a user can drop tokens on various routes to work to find the quickest way!

Digital Collectibles

BULVRD gives your digital collectibles an all new use. You can set your digital collectible as your map icon show to other as you drive around. Or you can stake BLVD tokens to place your digital collectible on the map, anywhere on earth.


BULVRD will feature special events that can be hosted by anyone. BULVRD Events can be community driving events on set routes, scavenger hunts for digital collectibles, or just a group drive with friends.


BULVRD Drive integrates directly with Spotify for easy control and visuals of your music.

Advance GPS

BULVRD has built custom GPS / GNSS algorithms to provide lane lavel location accuracy on select Android devices, with AR cloud points helping provide further accuracy improvements..

BULVRD Dashboard

The BULVRD dashboard is a streamlined dashboard system to track and use your BLVD tokens and earnings. Featuring integrations with Metamask, 0x, OpenSea, Coinbase, and Wyre for simple transactions. BULVRD Dashboard will launch at the conclusion of the Token Launch Event.


BULVRD Local gives businesses and brands a new hyper local focused path to spreading awareness. BULVRD Local is powered by the BLVD token, and passes certain earnings on to users.


Billion Tokens
to Earn


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Getting Started


Free App

Drive - Earn - Use

Leveled Up

Earn 1000 tokens to begin staking

Stake NFT assets on map

Now qualify to run a BULVRD Node


Setup an old smartphone

Install BULVRD Node app

Submit setup for community approval

Starting earning passive tokens for running node

Use Tokens

ERC-20 Token Supported Exchanges

Location Token Drops

Stake NFTs

Stake as Node operator

BULVRD Local Map Advertising

BULVRD Pro Subscription

BULVRD Digital Collectibles

BULVRD Drive Events

BULVRD DAO Governance Rights

Our Team

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Founder / CEO

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Software Engineer

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QA / Support

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ConsenSys Ventures




Advisor: Benjamin Burns

Head of Blockchain, Truffle

Advisor: TJ Davidson







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