Collectible Map Styles

Secured by the Ethereum Blockchain

BLVD collectible digital map styles are ERC-721 smart contract tokens that grant you ownership of limited edition map styles.

Limited copies of each style will be available, with the smart contract transparently limiting quanitites. Using the ERC-721 standard means being able to openly send your collectibles across the blockchain, as well as buy / sell / trade on any supported exchange or store front.


Season 1

Limited edition collectible map styles


Exclusive map style with full black features to maximize battery life. Limited to 1500 copies.

Red Devil

Exclusive red-out map style. Limited to 250 copies

Bright Visions

Inspired by accent colors of BULVRD. Only 500 copies of this map style will be available.

80's 8-Bit

Throw back to the 80s! Only 250 copies of this map style will be available.


Map style exclusively for BULVRD Pro users

G O L D E N . W O R L D

Limited to just 5, will only be available during special giveaways on Twitter!