Collectible Map Styles

Secured by the Ethereum Blockchain

BLVD collectible digital map styles are ERC-721 smart contract tokens that grant you ownership of limited edition map styles.

Limited copies of each style will be available, with the smart contract transparently limiting quanitites. Using the ERC-721 standard means being able to openly send your collectibles across the blockchain, as well as buy / sell / trade on any supported exchange or store front.


Season 2

Limited edition collectible map styles

Digital Midnight

BLVD Collectible map style for late night drives. Inspired by scifi digital maps. Limited supply of 100.

Endless Summer

Keep summer alive with this map theme inspired by a classic summer sunset at the beach. Supply of 1000.

Halloween 2019

Bring in the 2019 Halloween season with this Halloween inspired map style. Supply of 500.


1 of 1 BULVRD map style, scribbled together.


Inspired by the cool brisk nights of fall, a BULVRD map style with almost 50 shades of purple. Limited supply of only 50.


Limited edition collectible map style inspired by Nomekop Go. Only airdropped to BULVRD HODLrs.